AutoDealerVision ®.... Overview

DMS Integration


"AutoDealerVision ® is an automotive, agricultural and materials handling dealership software product designed to help streamline the way motor dealers and material handlers do business. In particular it is designed to increase workshop productivity and efficiency, and to help elevate customer service levels to the highest possible standards."

AutoDealerVision ® has an onsite workshop management application, Workshop Process Manager, and an offsite mobile technician management application, Field Operations Manager. Both applications have been designed with the user in mind, with an easy and functional tracking system which not only speeds up in-house processes, but gives all staff up to the minute information on the exact status of repair orders, allowing quick and easy updates to customers.
AutoDealerVision ® Benefits Key Features

AutoDealerVision ® eliminates the need to use a manual system in your workshop. This allows Workshop Controllers, Technicians, Service Advisors and Managers to know the exact status of each repair order at any given time, allowing for greater control and customer service.

Customers will no longer have to wait on hold or be left unattended at the front counter while Service Advisors check with the technician or controller about where a particular job is at. With a quick look at the screen they will know straight away whether a job has not been started yet, is currently being worked on or is waiting on parts etc. The Service Advisors can also be proactive in calling customers to let them know if their vehicle may be delayed or if they need to receive approval for work to continue just by a glancing at the screen.

The Workshop Controller and Service Managers will know if Technicians are continually running over the expected job duration. The controller will also be warned if a job needs to be started to make pick-up time. Please go to our Products page for more information.

These are only a few of the benefits of using the ADV products at your workshop. For more information and an on-site demonstration, please contact us.
Repair Order allocation and tracking.
Visual Control Board display.
Multiple day booking system.
Real time updates to all users.
Multi-site visibility.
Search & Filter functions.
Customisable display.
Secure login.
DMS Integration.
Pick-up and overtime warnings.
Day Sheet and Crystal reporting.
24-hour workshops.
Email notifications.
Auto Clockon/off for CFS/Dealerpro.
AutoDealerVision ® DMS Integration

AutoDealerVision ® offers DMS integration to several packages, including CFS/DealerPro, Reynolds & Reynolds ERA2 (via MySQL) and EBS .

DMS integration is not a requirement, however, and the system can function effectively without any interaction with a DMS system.




AutoDealerVision ® Technology
AutoDealerVision ® has been written in Microsoft Visual C Sharp .NET, utilizing the latest in Visual Studio capabilities. It has been designed to run on Windows XP, and Vista, as well as Server technologies (Windows 2003 Server) for Terminal Services applications. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is required. For data storage, ADV uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005, although it is anticipated that IBM DB2 may also be an optional back end system.

ADV employs a client/server model, and it is possible to configure ADV to view information in remote locations simultaneously, if suitable network connectivity and means of authentication is provided.