AutoDealerVision ®.... Automotive Workshop Software

Repair Order allocation and tracking.
Visual Control Board display.
Multiple day booking system.
Real time updates to front office staff.
Multi-Site visibility.
Easy to use search functions.
Customisable display options.

Secure login for system users.
Integration into DMS systems.
Pick-up and overtime warnings.
Day Sheet reporting with optional Crystal reporting.
24-hour workshops.
Email notifications.
Auto Clockon/off for CFS/Dealerpro systems.

What is AutoDealerVision ® ? AutoDealerVision ® Products Latest News

AutoDealerVision ® is an automotive, agricultural and materials handler dealership software product designed to help streamline the way motor dealers and material handlers do business. In particular it is designed to increase workshop productivity and efficiency, and to help elevate customer service levels to the highest possible standards.

AutoDealerVision ® eliminates the need to use a manual system in your workshop. This allows Workshop Controllers, Technicians, Service Advisors and Managers to know the exact status of each repair order at any given time, allowing for greater control and customer service.
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Workshop Process Manager is a Repair Order management, scheduling, and allocation system which provides the option to book jobs in advance with multiple day access, streamlined search and filter functions, email alerts for comments and finished jobs, as well as reporting tools and a host of other features. WPM can be used stand-alone, or can be populated with data from a number of leading DMS systems.
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Field Operations Manager is a booking, management and tracking system for field or offsite Repair Orders and provides quick client search, scheduling, job allocation, the ability to differentiate between urgent and standard jobs, reporting functions and more.
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SCAG Dealers Sign up

South Coast Automotive Group has become the latest in a series of dealerships signing up for our innovative ADV:WPM service management software.

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AutoClock On/ Off

ADV:WPM version has just been released and includes Automatic Clock on/off for CFS/DealerPro users.

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ADV:WPM version has just been released and includes speed improvements, back-end support including time co-ordination, audit trail and compliant versions.

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